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Get your document exactly how you want it to be - clear, communicative, effective. Our proof-reading and editing services transform any raw text into an effective piece of literature!


"English is my second language and I don't want mistakes."
"I have a [color=#e18005]deadline[/color] approaching and need to make sure my essay ([i]Postgraduate - PhD & Master's - Undergraduate or A-Levels[/i]) is 100% for grammar, style, and format."

"I want to break into the [color=#e18005]English-speaking market [/color]and ensure we appear 'local' to the customer."

"I need someone to reassure me that our website is [color=#e18005]error free [/color]and adjusted to our audience."

[b][color=#e18005]TICK[/color]BOX[color=#e18005]TIGER[/color] has the answer.[/b]


Professional Results For Business and Pleasure

Our [b]PROOF-READING AND EDITING [/b]services include, but are not limited to:

Academic and Professional articles and papers
Educational and teaching materials
Interview/reporter transcripts
Journal/Newspaper submittals
Technical reports
Business Proposals/Reports
Book manuscripts
Conference/talk presentations

Personalised Service - Choose Your Service Level

At [b][color=#e18005]TICK[/color]BOX[color=#e18005]TIGER[/color][/b] we have designed three [b]Service Levels [/b]to choose from, so that you receive exactly the level of detail you need with your document, and according to your schedule.

Service Level varies between document type and size. If your document is very large, you want to know every detail that has changed and why, or you need express delivery then please [link=contact.php]contact us[/link] for your exact quote and personalised service.

[b]Standard Service[/b] - For those who need quality results in a timely manner: full document improvement, returned to you at our Standard Response Time; the most economical choice. You receive back our improved version of your document, including spell check, grammar check, punctuation correction, formatting, referencing, and stylistics.

[b]Premium Service[/b] - For those who want to check or learn from every change made: full document improvement as above PLUS personalised markup explaining each change (Microsoft Word [i]Track Changes [/i]format), returned at our Standard Response Time.

[b]Timesaver[/b] - For those who need results ASAP: full document improvement delivered in the best possible time. [link=contact.php]Contact us[/link] to found out how quickly we can give you the solution to your document needs.

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