Student Discounts

Take the panic out of academic deadlines. Make studying easier and less stressful! Benefit from our all-year-round and end-of-term student discounts:

[list]Enjoy 10% discount off all our services [size=14][b]all-year-round[/b][/size].*Enjoy 20% discount off all our services [size=14][b]in the final 2 weeks of term[/b][/size].[/list]

What ID can I use to prove I'm a student?

We accept the following forms of identification (in original or electronic form):

  • Current valid Student ID card
  • Letter of acceptance to a valid current course at a Higher Education institution
  • A letter stamped by the administrative office of a Higher Education institution confirming your current status
  • A letter written by your tutor (giving full name, title, and post) confirming your current status

Please note we reserve the right to validate your status as a student with the relevant authorities before issuing your discount.


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